Updates for Han Trainer software products

We continuously improve our software products - stroke order animations or the Revision Wizard for Han Trainer Pro are just 2 examples.

This is how to obtain an update:

1.) By testing the current demo versions of our products, find out it an update is available and makes sense.

2.) Updates are available for almost all Han Trainer Software products on the condition that they have been purchased directly from the author via the Han Trainer Online store.
If you're missing an update option in our online store, feel free to contact us for a quote.

3.) Order the update (along with other products if desired) and you will instantly receive a preliminary order confirmation by e-mail which also contains payment details.

4.) We will verify if you're entitled for the desired update and contact you if necessary.

5.) You pay via Paypal or bank transfer

6.) We provide you with the update(s) for your product(s) via download (download size is aprox. 30-50 MB, depending on the product).

7.) Your existing single user license remains unchanged; that means you continue to be authorized to use you Han Trainer software product as before

Please note that you might lose existing user profiles when performing an update.

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