Access code for Han Trainer Online Dictionary

The Han Trainer Online dictionary ( contains stroke order animations ("premium content") which will only be displayed completely after entering an access code.

Purchasing an access code works as follows:

1.) Fill out the order form and note that the access code will be sent to the email address that you specify there.

2.) You will then immediately receive an order confirmation by e-mail in which you will find an access code that will be valid for up to 7 days. With this code, you can instantly unlock the premium content on your computer.

3.) Please pay by Paypal or by bank transfer to our German bank account. You will find all payment details in the order confirmation.

4.) Upon receipt of the money you get a new access code whoch will be valid for 1 year (=365 days from the order date).

5.) If you want to prolong your access to our premium content after the end of this period, you must purchase a new access code in our online shop. There will be no subscription, and there is no automatic renewal.

Your invoice will be sent via email as a PDF. To do this in the order form, please specify your full address.